How we work

We create flexible corporates by flourishing innovation & embedding a creative entrepreneurial mind-set within your culture.


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We help corporates constantly innovate and anticipate in the current market dynamics by offering them access to the professionals they need to grow their organisations impact. 
To our professionals we provide the opportunity to work in entrepreneurial projects where they can showcase and grow their skills.


The platform

Based on both the capabilities required for the project and the personal connection, we tailor the optimal fit between clients and NextGenners. At the platform, clients can scout the right ones for their specific project. NextGenners work on projects that fit them.



The Match

The consults with our clients result in an overview of profiles & capabilities they are looking for in the specific projects. NextGenners are able to respond to opportunities where the person both available and trained for that position will meet the client for an intake.


NextGenners will take care of all contracts & will actively monitor and guide its entrepreneurs into our clients’ surroundings

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